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Last visit?

What a weird feeling to walk through the skeleton of the old WVBR building, which we vacated nearly two years ago, for what may be the last time.

We're within days of closing on the sale of the building to a developer, ending a 30+ year ownership of the building. (WVBR is operated by a decades-old non-profit corporation, and the building is really our only substantial asset.)

Lots of stuff has been torn apart to bring equipment over to the new facillities since we moved out in spring 2000, so it's a little depressing to see the place in such a state. I've been an active staff member since the summer of 1992, and eight of those ten years were spent in that building, often many hours a week.

Today's walk-through was partly to see if there was anything important remaining in there that we should claim before the closing. Just a few things, really. I also reclaimed the rest of the soda from the soda machine; filling it had been my territory for the last couple of years we were in there. Funds from the soda sales helped to pay for things like staff parties and BBQs, or unexpected tech purchases.

I should've brought my camera. Maybe I'll go back at some point this week.

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