Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

And my iPad 2 was a week early!

After Wednesday's lament that ordering online meant a much longer wait than necessary for my iPad 2, the "April 1st" likely delivery date changed to March 29th, and then I was pleasantly surprised that the iPad showed up on Friday morning.

At first, I was confused by the box, which just says "iPad," not "iPad 2," and I was afraid that Apple had shipped (or, worse, I had ordered) the wrong thing. A closer look, and I realized the teensy camera lenses on the iPad made it clearly an iPad 2.

Of course, I forgot the HDMI adapter cable (which arrived over a week ago) at work, and when I stopped at the office to pick up the backup hard drive, forgot to grab it. So, no testing out the cool ability to play anything from the iPad on the TV today. I'll live. :-)

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