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Happy Passover!

As sundown got closer and I was still sitting at work, I wasn't coming up with anything useful to do for dinner. Of course, I figured I should eat something I wouldn't be able to enjoy for the next eight days -- pizza or pasta, for example.

Homemade ItalianEventually I remembered Leslie had given me a loaf of multigrain asiago bread that didn't sell at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and I'd thought about making a huge Italian sub with it! Skipped the "huge" part and just hacked a hunk off. Here it is. If I'd had more time at the store, I'd have been more persistent in looking for some olive tapenade and some roasted red peppers, and perhaps grabbed some lettuce and a tomato to add. I used almost the last of the hoagie spread, and some of the Italian dressing that ended up in my refrigerator thanks to Italian Carry Out's screw-up. The sandwich did the trick.

I've gotten a lot done the last few days, despite the outings with friends visiting town. More on that later, perhaps. Now, I'm not in the mood to try to accomplish much, so I'm just catching up on some TV. My family's seder at my cousin's is tomorrow night instead of tonight.

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