Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hello from sunny, hot (!) Minnesota!

It took a surprising amount of futzing to get the free hotel room broadband working through the AirPort base station... but here I am.

Decent morning of travel, starting with too little sleep and a little too tight an arrival at the Ithaca airport. No problems, though.

Thanks to belmikey for collecting me at the airport. He and his sister-in-law and I had lunch at Doolittle's, a very good American-style chain eatery. I'd much rather have this than an Applebee's. (If I'd known the room would have a mini-fridge, I'd've kept the leftovers!) Then a visit to Mikey's place, where I got to see the cats!

Chornaya Koshka seemed to recognize me, or at least expressed happiness at seeing me. Hurricane Iniki, who was much younger when they moved, didn't seem to recognize me but seemed perfectly happy to have this new guy scritch her. Even though I've seen Mikey and Pixel since they moved, and can communicate with them online, I've missed the cats. Is that silly? Tough. They're cool cats. (They thank you for the extra scritches, beeeej.)

pixel39 was at work today, but I'm really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow when we all go have lunch. (They're kidnapping me from the STARFLEET event I'm here for.) She hasn't made it to Ithaca in several years, and while I see Mike once or twice a year, the same hasn't been true of Pixel. LiveJournal has been a really nice way to start catching up, though.

This looks like it's going to be a really minimalist event, with a couple dozen people. A handful I know well (mostly from out of town, like me), a handful I know but not well, and another handful I haven't met yet. It's the first time any of the international organization's "top brass" has made it here for this region's event, and this time they get three executive committee members. :-)

More later...

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