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I was going to wait to post this until I'd had a chance to grab the photos from my camera, but since I seem to have left my USB SmartMedia reader somewhere, I'll just go ahead and do it, and share pictures later.

Yesterday, belmikey and pixel39 and Chris and I spent the afternoon at the Minnesota Zoo after a great lunch at Green Mill. (They kidnapped me from the Summit, since Saturday afternoon had a light schedule.) I think we were all most excited by the big cats, which meant the long minutes staring deep into habitats for brief glimpses were unanimously (and silently) agreed upon. Beautiful tigers, pumas, and cougars. Chris, who's a Springfield, IL zookeeper but has her own private menagerie, confirmed my fears that, if I'm allergic to cats, I'm almost certainly allergic to tigers, too. So much for my pet adoption plans...

Other favourites were the pythons and rattlesnake, meercats, prairie dogs, otters, and wolves -- who had a new litter that was mostly hidden in the bushes except for brief instants.

We also saw some elk, moose, camels, gibbons, assorted birds, and so on. Didn't spot any okapi. Sorry, ekchuah! Enough of the zoo is indoors or shaded that I didn't get too much more sunburnt. We all put on some sunscreen after sitting outside for lunch (I was facing the overhead sun) made it almost too late. So I'm not too badly burnt, but you can definitely see the sun in my face.

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