Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What a great time for a 9 MPG vehicle!

There was a time when RVing seemed like a great idea to me, but surely not in this era of $4/gallon gasoline. My friend Sara's aunt and uncle had been avid RVers for many years, and even sold their house and set out in the RV full-time when they were both retired, but that ended when Russ had a heart attack. (He's fine now, but no more months on the road in remote areas for them.)

It's also vaguely tempting to show up for our twice-a-summer camping weekends with a thirty-foot RV, at least once, but we're already pushing the boundaries of what's reasonably considered camping. (Also, I'm not sure a thirty-foot vehicle could navigate the curves and hills up to the back of the campground. Or, at least, I doubt I could, while driving one.)

One of my colleagues posted this 2007 Safari Trek RV to our casual-use work mailing list, so if you've been dreaming of selling all of your belongings and hitting the road to live in a string of campgrounds, state parks, and Wal-Mart parking lots, have at it. (And some Googling suggests the mileage is more like 10.5 or 11 than 9. Woo.)

Honestly, if I were actually in the market for an RV, this one seems pretty cool. Very well equipped with a memory-foam bed, satellite receiver, microwave/convection oven, shower, air conditioning, two pop-out rooms, etc. I wonder how it would do on hockey road trips...

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