Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Better result with the Keurig reusable filter (215.2)

The Solofill refillable K-cup I talked about in my Keurig post a month ago doesn't work on our office Keurig, as I mentioned. Since Amazon refunded my money and didn't want the gizmo back, I passed it along to seity1 and guinness_duck to try in their home Keurig brewer.

But meantime, I picked up one of the Keurig-branded refillable K-cups that pkdan said were available at Target. I tried it briefly that week, but hadn't really gotten back to it until this morning, when I brought in from home the bag of Peet's Major Dickason's Blend I'd been pleasantly surprised to find at Wegmans on the Kosher for Passover shelves. (Really! Kosher for Passover coffee!)

I filled the filter with ground coffee and carefully fitted it into the brewer, after removing the K-cup holder from the machine. (This filter comes with its own holder.) Pressed the button, ready to toss a pitcher under the nozzle if it started spraying hot water, but it simply brewed coffee into my mug. Tasty, tasty Peet's coffee.

I'll keep buying K-cups, such as the Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya K-cups I got last week. Those are probably the best I've tasted so far, and I'll grab some more next time Amazon has one of their sales. Why not just keep using the refillable filter? Well, it adds prep time before and clean-up time after, and I am, by nature, lazy. (Also, I don't always have the several spare minutes when I want a cup of coffee, such as when it's time to head to a meeting.)

But when I'm in the mood to spend a few minutes on a cup of coffee, I definitely appreciate that I can trade the extra few minutes for the savings of using my own ground coffee (probably 15-25 cents per cup) rather than the K-cups (around 50-60 cents per cup).

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