Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Brilliant. And by brilliant, I mean FAIL.

[An e-mail to Cornell's travel office...]

Hi. The official Cornell travel portal, in this case the Marathon Travel tool at, is suggesting such flight itineraries as ITH-LGA followed by JFK-SFO, or ITH-LGA then EWR-SFO, as its first three options for my upcoming trip to San Francisco.

There is NO warning on the "select a flight" page that these connections involve DIFFERENT AIRPORTS mid-trip. Neither, if I proceed to select flights, is there any warning on the "Itinerary, Price and Alternatives" page. There IS a highlighted red "Different Date" warning on the overnight return flights.

A traveler less familiar with airline travel might not realize this was problematic until tickets had been purchased -- or, worse, until arriving at LaGuardia and asking a gate agent, "Now what?"

This potentially disastrous failing makes this travel tool hugely inappropriate for continued use as an official offering to the Cornell community. Please discontinue endorsing it and linking to it at once. 

I want to try Egencia to see if it does better, but apparently registering a new account doesn't ACTUALLY register a new account, it just generates an "application" that must await "approval" by my company's "travel manager." Should I just give up and go back to the tools I know work?

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