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Resisting Harry

Well, I've now actually held Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in my hand. It's in excellent supply here at the Pittsburgh International Airport, but it's such a huge, heavy hardcover book that I just can't bring myself to carry it around for the rest of the day, even though it's 20% off at one bookstore and 25% off at another.

I'm at PIT mid-travel after an excellent weekend in Minnesota for the annual STARFLEET Region Six Summit. Like most such weekends, it was mostly an opportunity to hang out with, and eat and drink with, friends old and new. One guy who I've met before, but hadn't really gotten to know, Rick, turns out to be a Wisconsin-based truck driver who's in Central New York once a month or so... mostly delivering refrigerated stuff like yogurt and sour cream to the Aldi's regional warehouse in Tully. Looking forward to driving up to meet him for lunch or what have you next time he's around! He's got my e-mail address and phone numbers now, so no excuse for not getting in touch! (Dee's parents, who also drive a truck, have called a couple of times when they've been nearby, but our schedules haven't allowed us to get together yet.)

Right now killing time in the Samuel Adams Brewhouse, recharging my laptop battery and enjoying a Summer Ale, waiting for my flight, which is almost two hours away. It's one of the few places in the airport where passengers can smoke without taking the underground tram all the way to the other end of the complex and leaving the secure area to go outside, so there are some folks smoking. It's not too bad, but I probably won't sit here too long when the beer's done. The gate my flight will depart from, like many, has been rearranged such that the seats are now several feet away from the one electrical outlet in the area, leaving a corridor for the gate staff to walk back and forth, and for security checks to happen in. Sadly, this means no plugging in at the gate. I'll probably find one of the banks of phones soon, plug in there, and get online for a couple minutes to post this and get mail.

Impressed to see the waiter greet a fellow traveler by saying "You're about four hours early today!" Obviously someone who's in here often, and you know the guy's a good waiter when he even knows what time of day the customer's usually passing through.

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