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They look so young! (214.0) - Mark's Journal
They look so young! (214.0)
No, really, I've never seen "Clue." Honestly, I'd say I still haven't, even though it was playing at the potluck dinner I went to on Friday. I didn't come away from that feeling I'd captured the storyline. I always vaguely meant to see it, even though it didn't get great reviews, but time flies -- and it turns out the movie is 25 years old! Easy to tell by looking at the actors, including Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn and Michael McKean and Christopher Lloyd.

Then, yesterday, I watched the pilot episode of "Smallville" that The CW broadcast a few weeks ago in the run-up to the season finale. I hadn't seen it in quite a while, even though I have a DVD that I think I bought at a Wishcon or United Fan Con or whatever name the con had in Springfield that year. It was definitely the first time I'd seen it in HD. I guess it must've been shot on film and the effects produced in 16:9, since it looked as though it was always meant to be seen this way, never mind that no one was broadcasting in widescreen format or HD ten years ago. Even though Tom Welling still doesn't look his age (he's 34), it's striking to see him at the start of this ten-season-long epic. His co-stars, like Allison Mack and John Schneider and Sam Jones III, looked even more dramatically younger.

I'm way behind on the show, having more or less stopped watching and started letting episodes pile up on the TiVo about a year and a half ago. I've just watched from "Kandor" through "Conspiracy," and have 28 more episodes to go, through the two-hour finale that aired a week and a half ago. One reason I fell behind is that I've tended to prioritize watching HD shows before SD shows, to free up space on the TiVo faster, and for a long time, our "local" (i.e. Syracuse) CW affiliate wasn't available here in HD.

A few episodes either didn't get recorded or got lost due to my previous TiVo HD filling up (the Premiere has yet to get anywhere near full) or whatever, but I was able to take advantage of some Amazon Instant Video credit to buy them at $1.99 each, and soon thereafter, they appear on the TiVo ready to watch. I could also buy the HD versions for $2.99, but the widescreen SD versions from Amazon look good enough that I'll save the buck.

The middle of Season 9 was when "Smallville" was having some fun exploring other comic book legends, ranging from a goofy guest spot with Zan and Jayna, the "Wonder Twins" from the Justice League, to a near-reverent two-hour episode featuring such golden-age characters as Hawkman (a great job by Michael Shanks) and the Star-Spangled Kid. The respect the "Smallville" producers have for the universe in which they're playing is palpable at such moments.

Callum Blue, perhaps best known for portraying Mason in "Dead Like Me," is obviously having a blast playing Zod, and that character is really developing nicely at this point. The few weeks between the network series ending over the last couple of weeks and some summer series beginning in June should give me time to catch up a good bit more.

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traceroo From: traceroo Date: May 23rd, 2011 01:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

They look so old!

I've been going back to rewatch Smallville from the start in the past year. I just finished Season 4. I've seen exceptionally little from that point forward; I've missed the last 6 whole seasons of the show! I tuned into the finale, however, and I had the opposite reaction -- being impressed with how the actors have aged, and how the story has weathered.

I was pleased with the finale. I look forward to catching up with what I've missed a leisurely pace -- although at times it's slow going as I remember now why I stopped watching in Season 4 originally.

corkdorkdan From: corkdorkdan Date: May 23rd, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hope you enjoy how it ends! As someone who pulled back on Seasons 5-8 and only watched a handful of episodes, I was completely blown away by how great Season 9 was. I tuned in to watch all the season premieres just to keep up, but once I tuned into Season 9's premiere, I was hooked. All of the stories worked extremely well, and blended together a lot smoother than in other seasons. Season 10 was good, but uneven in quality. I did really enjoy the series finale.
polypolyglot From: polypolyglot Date: May 25th, 2011 12:57 am (UTC) (Link)
I only watched the Geoff Johns-penned episodes when Comic Book Resources would allude to them. Did you know that the given name of Stargirl's secret identity, Courtney Whitmore, was named after Geoff Johns's sister, who had died aboard TWA Flight 800?
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