Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

If you've been following Evera's art career...

Without realizing it would break feed readers and bookmarks and such, our friend Evera changed the name of her art blog the other day. She made her first post to the blog after a three-year hiatus, and then changed the name to better reflect that it's for her artwork. That meant my attempts to follow the link in the LiveJournal feed didn't work; the URL was no longer valid.

This afternoon, she gave me the new blog name and URL. Normally, I'd do what you're "supposed" to do on LiveJournal, and update the feed URL for the existing syndication "user" on LiveJournal. There's no way to change the name on LiveJournal, though, and the old name doesn't reflect the new plan.

Turns out I was the only remaining reader on the old syndication account, so I simply created a new one. It's everaart_rss. You can subscribe to that (just like friending a person) and you'll see her updates on your friends page. (It should pick up the last several posts within a couple of hours.) Or, if you have other ways of reading remote blogs these days, just hop over to and have at it.

All the shuffling is probably due to the opening next week of Evera's upcoming exhibit at Gimme! Coffee on State Street, running through June.

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