Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Crystal clear (214.2)

There was some weather a little while ago, for which the captain turned on the seat belt sign, but most of my travel weather today has just been awesome. It was clear and mild as we flew out of Ithaca, clear and warm in Philadelphia, and I've been getting some great photos of the Rockies with hardly a haze between us and the ground.

It's been a while since I've been in a half-empty plane. A surprising number of people have a row to themselves, including me. Soon before takeoff, a flight attendant came by and told the other guy in my row he was supposed to be in first class. He didn't argue.

I'd love to be getting first class service, as I enjoyed thanks to Delta overbooking my flight home in April, but I'm doing pretty well. Exit row, plus there's no seat in front of mine. There's a jumpseat five feet in front of me, but the flight attendant hasn't been in it since soon after takeoff.

Really looking forward to drinks with Dina tonight, and perhaps seeing others of you in the next week. I'm in San Francisco until next Friday night.

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Tags: flying, travel

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