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I'm not sure whether there are pictures from my visit to the Apple campus in 1991 or thereabouts, but I'm sure they're not digital, and not online, if they exist.

Last night's evening schedule featured 70 buses ferrying conference attendees the 45 miles or so south of San Francisco to Cupertino to visit Apple HQ. We lined up for a long time to get into the Company Store to buy stuff (a lot of foreign attendees, especially, bought iPods to take home, where they'd be more expensive). Took me a while to pick one, but I bought myself a shirt.

There was also food (the sushi ran out quickly) and lots of wine and beer. Interestingly, though there hadn't been anyone checking ID at Monday evening's cocktail party at the convention center, they checked ID and put on wristbands if we were 21 as we got off the buses. Also loud music, provided by a band that some people seemed to enjoy.

Network security session starting...

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