Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Slowly coming back from Hawaii Daylight Time (216.2)

When I've gone to WWDC in the past, my strategy has been to try to keep my body on Eastern Time at least until Monday morning's keynote, so I have a reasonable chance of getting up early (Pacific Time) and getting to the conference in time without it being too painful. (Never mind that Apple doesn't care whether attendees, some of whom have been waiting in line for hours, get into the building, never mind get seated, before the keynote starts.)

Of course, that strategy went out the window thanks to a couple of awesomely fun-filled nights with helianthas and assorted friends of hers. I landed at 9:15 Friday night and headed right out for tacos and drinks. By the time I got to sleep, it was after 2am PDT. We got a suitably relaxed start on Saturday, but the loads-of-fun Flaming Lotus Girls BBQ, followed by some more chasing around the Mission on Saturday night, meant another late night. By the time Monday morning rolled around, it felt like I'd blown right past Pacific Time and landed on Hawaii Time.

I did make it to Moscone West well before the start of the keynote, though of course not inside. (How embarrassing for Apple that they either can't. or won't, figure out how to get attendees in the building before 10.) Eventually, the line started moving, and I "watched" the goings-on via's text and photo updates on my phone, until we actually got inside and into an overflow room.

Sleeping for most of the redeye back Friday night seemed like a good idea, but while I know I drifted off several times on that flight, then a few more times on the Saturday morning leg from PHL to ITH, it wasn't nearly enough. I had a quick nap and a shower at home, enjoyed "Inception" at the Accord meeting, and then was mostly useless Saturday evening.

I still feel a bit zonked, but made it to work not too late for the Monday morning group meeting. Another good night's sleep or two and I should be fine, but the experience reminds me of why I don't like redeyes. Just coming back from PT can be tough enough without losing a night of sleep along the way.

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