Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Where else could I go? (213.6)

Friday night was awesome. Like many of you, I learned from Twitter that the Republican leadership of the New York State Senate had decided to bring the Marriage Equality bill to the floor for a vote that evening. I fired up the web browser (well, OK, it was already running, of course) and started watching the streaming video.

Felicia's Atomic LoungeLet me tell you, there are few things more boring than watching state legislatures live. Especially since they were talking about other bills and other business before the Senate. I eventually gave up and headed down to the Westy for some tasty food from Stan & Dave's Backyard Grill. After a while, I convinced the nice folks at the Westy to put the Senate proceedings on the TV in place of the baseball game no one was watching, and they obliged, though the sound was all the way down.

So, without any audio, a bunch of us got to watch as history was made. After that, several people headed next door to Felicia's Atomic Lounge (pictured), the lesbian-owned bar that really spearheaded the revitalization of that west-end neighborhood several blocks west of downtown. A few of us were surprised it wasn't more packed with folks celebrating, but maybe it was far enough into the evening that everyone was celebrating wherever they happened to be. In any case, it was nice to celebrate there.

Speaking of celebrating, I know I'm not the only one who thinks Ithaca will be a great place for gay weddings. Could be great for the economy!

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