Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fireworks (215.6)

Crowd at Myers Park

Even though it wasn't a particularly long or voluminous fireworks show, I'm glad beeeej and Daina and I went up the lake to Myers Park for Saturday night's fireworks. We got there after dinner at Rogues' Harbor in time to enjoy some of the music, but it was already dark enough that we didn't find keeyoo or any of the rest of her family before the fireworks. (We actually found most of them, completely accidentally, as they were trying to escape. Since we parked out on Myers Road, and could get out by driving north and turning right onto 34B farther up, we beat them out of the area by quite a bit.)

It was a great weekend in lots of ways, and I really enjoyed yesterday's winery touring. (I sampled lightly so I could do the driving.) I vaguely considered trying to stop at Red Newt winery to try to pay our respects following Deb Whiting's death last Thursday night, but it seemed like the wrong time. I'm glad I picked up a couple of bottles of Red Newt on Friday night, one of which has been drunk to Deb's memory.

Lots more to write about, but I have a meeting at 6, so I'm not going to get to it right now.

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