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A Shore Leave weekend (214.4)

It's already Wednesday, and I haven't yet gotten around to writing about a great weekend at Shore Leave! The weekend featured good food, lots of time with a variety of friends I've known for years and friends I'd only just met, some sunshine, and one guest I wasn't expecting would impress me.

Gary LockwoodThe unexpectedly great guest was Gary Lockwood, pictured at right. I'm not sure why my expectations were low. I think I'd been at a con he was speaking at at least once before, but never saw him until this weekend. (If you're not sure who this is, he starred in "2001: A Space Odyssey" with Keir Dullea, and in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the "Star Trek" pilot that NBC picked up, as Gary Mitchell, Captain Kirk's old buddy who got ESP and got carried away.)

He's really a character, and it turns out he's long been every bit the womanizer Gary Mitchell was. That's not surprising; by the time he shot that pilot, he'd already known and worked with Gene Roddenberry, another famous womanizer, for years. The role was probably tailor-made for him, and the stories he told on stage included some that could've been interpreted as pretty misogynistic.

Bloodmobile!If you look at my Shore Leave photo set on Flickr, you'll note that I spent a fair amount of time taking pictures of my friend Vince applying Reaver makeup. (They're kinda like zombies.) At one point, I followed a few of them out to the American Red Cross bloodmobile to get some fun shots. :-)

On the trip back, a couple of tweeters encouraged my vague thoughts of stopping at a Cracker Barrel for dinner, and so I did. (I'm not hard to influence along those lines.) It's the one next to the Schuylkill Mall, which is basically at the top of several twists and turns after you get off the highway. Not easy to find in the dark, since the too-small signs pointing the way are too hard to see, so I'm glad that a) I'd been there before and b) it was still light out when I got there. A nice older guy was just finishing his dinner as I ordered mine, and sat down to chat for a few minutes. I thought that was odd, but I enjoyed the chat, and he eventually went away after my food came out. :-) Since he saw I had so much technology with me, one of the stories he told was of taking pictures of African tribe people with a Polaroid camera decades ago.

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