Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I wonder if you can just BUY coffee ice cubes...

JoltMaking coffee ice cubes in the office kitchen turns out to be fairly messy. It seems to be tough to get the coffee into the ice cube tray without getting some on the counter (though at least Michelle leaps in to wipe that up before I could possibly have a chance to), and someone decided my coffee ice cube tray should be above the regular ice cube trays in the freezer, which resulted in some "stained" ice cubes below.

The Coal Shack Cafe makes coffee ice cubes for their iced coffee and iced lattes and the like. I'll have to ask them how they're doing it. I'll tell ya, though, it's nice to have the coffee ice cubes to pop into your tumbler of iced coffee, so it doesn't get diluted as the ice melts. Especially handy when brewing a K-cup into the tumbler, because the coffee's hitting the glass hot. (The double-walled plastic tumbler I got from the American Red Cross for giving blood at Shore Leave is perfect for iced coffee at work.)

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