Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No meeting today... (214.0)

Our boss didn't actually delete the meeting from the calendar, but he did send out a "let's not have a meeting this morning" e-mail less than an hour before the meeting, and probably just minutes after I'd checked my work e-mail as I do every Monday morning to make sure nothing of the sort has happened. :-)

So, I'm in the office "early" (for me, Monday starts late, mostly for historical reasons owing to Sunday night's radio-show commitment) with nothing particular to do this morning. I think I'll take the opportunity to edit photos from last night, part three of a week-long wedding celebration.

Yesterday included brunch with Dave and Alexi and Amanda, and an invitation to watch the World Cup final at Elizabeth's parents' house. There are lots of reasons I can't stand when a game goes into "penalty kicks." It's essentially giving up on the game you're playing, and doing something different to decide the victor. While I understand you eventually need a winner in a tournament game like this, I can't help but feel it's unfair to decide the world champion on the momentary performance of a small fraction of each team's roster. Someone on Twitter said it better than I'm going to recall, but it was along the lines of "Deciding a football match on penalty kicks is like deciding a NASCAR race with a demolition derby."

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