Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The weeklong wedding is nearly over! (212.4)

It's been a long and tiring and incredibly fun week, featuring hours each day since Saturday hanging out with the amazing crew of family and friends that have gathered for Kelly and Supriya's wedding.

The wedding ceremony itself was last night, on the water's edge at the Ithaca Farmers Market. It was ludicrously hot (word was that it was about 103 at the time of the wedding, with an "official" Ithaca high of 99 yesterday, setting a new record) but a beautiful and moving ceremony. I really feel for the crew serving the food and drinks in that temperature, though I also got a lot of sympathy from folks watching me take pictures for seven hours in a jacket and tie. (OK, I lost the jacket after a couple of hours.) One of those rare occasions where men's clothing has all the disadvantages and none of the advantages.

No, gay weddings aren't legal in New York yet; that begins Sunday. They'd been planning this since last fall, and had an official, legal ceremony in Ottawa last week. They may take advantage of New York's new freedoms and get a license this Sunday, though, then have a third wedding!

Jumping in the lake practically every day at the awesome lake house they're renting has been great, and doing it after last night's wedding at about 1 was even worth the resulting 3:30am bedtime. (Yes. I'm tired today.)

It's really been a treat meeting and getting to know lots of Kelly and Supriya's various relatives and friends, and I look forward to staying in touch with a bunch of them. I've also been getting to know lots better some of the locals I already knew from a few contexts.

This weekend? I'll probably brave the heat some more to get in some music at Grassroots, as well as relax a little. (The timing just isn't right for "Captain America.") There are apparently some women's hockey alumni goings-on, so I'll hope to hang out with some of the players I know. Meantime, I'm a couple of days behind on LiveJournal reading, but I'll catch up on your posts soon, I promise!

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