Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A puppy-ful weekend! (211.4)

ThorThis weekend I got to spend time with no fewer than five dogs, but it included one I'd never met before. It occurred to me on the way to Saturday afternoon's USS Niagara picnic near Buffalo that I should ping JC and Jen to see if they'd be around, so I could stop by and say hi on my way back.

As a result, I got to see their new house, see the kitties, have my feet licked by Indy, and meet the new guy, Thor. He's the sweetie at right. Indy almost certainly didn't recognize me, since he hasn't seen me since he was just months old, but he seemed happy to see me anyway.

I really like the house, which seems to be in a good location with a nice fenced-in yard (now fully fenced in) that the dogs can romp in, with a kitchen in great shape (especially for a decades-old house) and a good layout with a reasonable amount of living space. The detour also provided a nice way to break up the drive back to Ithaca.
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