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beeeej earlier shared a link to a Craigslist post seeking a roommate situation in San Francisco. It's hilarious and worth a read on its own, and I tweeted that if I lived in San Francisco, I'd want the guy for a roommate... but... 8 pairs of shoes?!

paperdollrss commented that she'd "expect a grown man to have more," which made me wonder. Especially in the above context, where the guy's going to show up at your place with a car, two duffel bags of clothes, a guitar, a laptop, and a cell phone, the eight shoes just seems out of balance. But how many pair of shoes do I have? I'll be liberal with the definition.

* One pair of all-season suede Lands End shoes [A]
* One pair of grey Lands End sneakers worn regularly [A]
* One pair of black dress shoes that hurts the backs of my heels [B]
* One pair of black semi-dress Dockers shoes purchased for London [B]
* One pair of beige suede Birkenstock Arizonas in decent shape. [C]
* One pair of black leather Birkenstock Arizonas purchased in Tel Aviv. [C]
* One pair of flip-flops on sale at Old Navy, for beach or pool

[A] In cool or winter weather, or when it's really wet out, I mostly alternate these for daily wear.

[B] Depending on dressiness required, or amount I expect to walk, I wear one of these for fancyish events like weddings, religious services, places I know my mom would be appalled if I wore Birks.

Wonder if they have these Birks in my size...[C] If it's above 55 or so, I'm wearing Birks instead of socks and shoes, if at all possible. The black Birks get some amused looks when I'm otherwise dressed up, but they're actually pretty presentable, and if women can wear sandals with formalwear, then, dammit, I should be able to, too! The beige ones aren't in as great shape, so I try to wear those if I know it might be rainy or I might get muddy. (Grassroots, for example.)

That's all the active shoes. I have another (older, worn but serviceable) pair of sneakers in my "go bag," the overnight bag kept packed with stuff I'd want to be able to grab if I needed to leave the house in an emergency. I have a pair of plastic Sanuk sandals I loved, but are broken. They could probably be fixed. At some point, I might also have discarded them. I have 2-3 pairs of fairly worn or damaged Birks that could be repaired or refurbished, and eventually I'll send them off for that. I bought the black pair in Tel Aviv because the pair I had with me had really worn-out sole treads, so weren't providing good footing on centuries-worn stone walkways. Those should otherwise be in decent shape and just need resoling.

I've also got a pair of old Timberland work boots, suitable for hiking, chopping trees or firewood once or twice a year at a friend's place, etc., but I wear them so rarely that I don't really count them as "active." And of course a pair of hideous khaki green upper-calf lined rubber boots that are invaluable when there's more than six inches of snow or so. If I'm going to be outside for a long time, especially shoveling snow, I'm wearing those, and my feet are going to be warm and dry.

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