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Always love welcoming the next generation! (213.8) - Mark's Journal
Always love welcoming the next generation! (213.8)
Sure, it makes for an exhausting week, but after spending the last few days training the current crop of HelpDesk student staff, I volunteered to help today welcoming freshmen and their parents, and answering their IT questions. Most of them we've heard a thousand times, but every once in a while we get new questions, or new issues.

Today a freshman was certain there was something wrong with our system, because he'd tried to connect to our wireless network with Linux on his dual-boot laptop and had trouble, then rebooted in Windows and connected successfully. What's wrong with that diagnostic approach? :-) I told him maybe now that he'd gotten registered on the wireless network successfully in Windows, the connection would work in Linux, but if not, I told him where to bring his laptop for more help. His father mostly just shook his head and said "I told you Linux would be a pain in the ass."

It's really fun seeing the befuddled parents wandering around campus. The freshmen, with few exceptions, are all focused and with-it and ready to be here. That's a good sign for the future!
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