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At least I have a new sleeping bag! (212.0)

My Twitter followers were nearly unanimous the other day in advising that I shouldn't try to clean a sleeping bag that had been sitting in my moldy basement, though a few did add some helpful tips on how to do it if I wanted to try. It was my "new" sleeping bag, probably about three years old, as opposed to the one that's always in the trunk of my car for emergencies... that I used since I was a kid at camp. Fine for emergencies, and nice and light to always have in the car, but too small to be comfortable in for serious camping use.

So, I picked up a new sleeping bag at Target on Wednesday after swinging by Alex & Denise's to pick up the spare house key. They had pretty good prices on Coleman sleeping bags, including the "tall" versions I need to be comfy. I opted for the "cool" (40° F) rating instead of "cold" (20° F) rating. It's actually rarely that cold when we go camping, but a) it is once in a while, and b) no one seems to stock the "warm" models.

Anyway, it's not going to matter how cold it gets in the Poconos this weekend, because Stephen decided to bag the camping trip thanks to Irene's likely arrival in the area by Sunday morning. The weather will probably turn lousy Saturday night at the latest, and while we've camped in rain before, this kind of stormy weather would be no fun. He briefly tried to put together an indoor camping trip in a nearby motel, but it didn't get much traction. A few folks are actually going camping anyway, willing to bug out Saturday if it looks like it'll get bad, but mostly people aren't willing to bother for just one night.

Just got an invite from one of the regulars for a mid-September camping trip. We'll see!

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