Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Coffee in the eye of the storm

French Press at Ri RaA friend's tweet about getting out her French press so she could still be ready to make coffee if the power went out in NYC reminded me of one more reason to replace my electric stove with a gas stove. Maybe I'll move that up the priority list along with the forced basement remodeling I'm going to have to do.

I've got multiple ways of making coffee without using an electric coffee maker, but only if I can make hot water. In a power outage, my electric stove is useless. (Of course, modern gas stoves use electronic igniters instead of always-lit pilot lights, so you need matches or a lighter to get them started in the event of a power failure.)

If I got desperate, I could fire up the charcoal grill or propane camp stove, or even plug a coffee maker into one of the UPSes, but that would probably tear through the battery pretty quickly. (Now I'm kinda curious to try it.)

Here's hoping all my friends in Irene's path are safely hunkered down at home or with friends or relatives.

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