Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Can't just buy the "blades," I guess... (210.6)

Well, OK, you can buy the "blades," i.e. the rotary cutting heads, but that's not what's worn out on my Remington Titanium rechargeable razor. If they were worn out, replacements are readily available, along with all of the assorted brushes and grooming gadgets I never use, and the cleaning fluid I occasionally get around to using in the charging/cleaning base.

What's worn out is the battery, which several months ago was getting down from a 60-minutes-left full charge to about 30 minutes on the display, before dying. Now it's getting to 52 or 50, which is a few days' worth of shaving, but it's getting to the point where I can't rely on it holding its charge for, say, a long weekend trip. Technically, you can get replacement batteries from some third-party sellers, but they require getting the razor apart, desoldering the old battery, and soldering in the new one. Could I? Sure. Am I likely to bother? No. This thing has lived its useful life span.

Unfortunately, when I was poking around Amazon at home before, it said I had eight hours to order with one-day delivery and get it tomorrow. Now, when I'm trying to order? It offers me delivery Thursday for the free two-day delivery, or delivery Thursday for the $4 one-day delivery. Thanks, but that doesn't work for me.

There are enough comments on the refurbished unit that looks just like mine suggesting that the battery isn't reliably a new battery that I figure I want to buy a brand new unit, but I guess I'm not ordering it from Amazon today. Might have to see if one of the local stores has one. I probably got mine at Target.

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