Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Chatty Cathy (210.8)

Facebook sends a lot of mail. Not even counting the countless messages I get from Facebook that I delete on my iPhone before it ever hits my computer, and the many more I know I delete as soon as I read them, I've got something like 13,000 e-mails from Facebook sitting in my inbox and archive mailboxes from the last few years.

I've been playing with ways to filter all the mail from Facebook so as little of it as possible is actually ever in my inbox. Instead, it's landing in a separate mailbox where I can skim for what I need to see. There are a few addresses messages come from that I can filter on; one they stopped using a couple of years ago was "wallmaster." :-)

Now that I've filtered most of that to a separate mailbox, I've deleted all but the last few months worth. I clicked a couple of "___ wrote on your wall" links and found some amusing old stuff, but that way lies madness.

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