Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

This weekend? A lot of sleep.

Normally, after a long weekend at Dragon*Con I can catch up on my sleep over the course of a few nights. That should still have worked even after my first time staying at D*C for Monday night, since Monday night was a more "normal" bedtime, i.e. around 2am rather than the 6:30ish of the previous few nights. (Totally worth it, for the photos and the socializing and the dancing.)

I was relieved the other day when yesterday morning's 9am meeting got canceled, since 9am is tough for me in the best of circumstances. (One of the meeting's key folks was on vacation this week, so it was scrapped.)

I was awake in plenty of time, though -- for the first of two days in a row of early-morning wake-up calls to handle school closing bulletins thanks to the massive flooding in Central New York, especially south of us.

Luckily, last night I intentionally (and pretty easily) got to sleep early, at about 12:30, so this morning's pre-6am wake-up call wasn't quite as painful. But after getting to sleep after 2 on Wednesday night, yesterday was a problem. The closings yesterday kept coming, too, so I really didn't get to go back to sleep. I just eventually got showered and dressed, and took advantage of the University's extremely rare delayed opening to grab a breakfast sandwich at the Coal Shack Cafe on the way in.

Today there was just a quick flurry of closings, and I was able to get back to bed, but was pretty wired for some reason and just dozed a bit before I had to get moving a little on the early side to grab the traditional donuts at the P&C on the way to campus for today's monthly BASIC meeting.

Not a lot planned for this weekend. I need to catch up on some laundry and do a little house cleaning, plus there's a USS Accord meeting late afternoon tomorrow, after which I hope (flood conditions willing) to pop down to the Binghamton area for USS Serling's charter party. Other than that? Some relaxing, some TV catching-up, some sleep.

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