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Guess I should think about biking again... - Mark's Journal
Guess I should think about biking again...
Among the dreams I can vaguely recall from last night was one that included visiting my old apartment complex and rescuing the bike that I left in the basement storage room there. For all I know, it really is still there, after seven years, but I doubt it's in very good shape.

Rescuing my exercise bike from the basement, and making room for it upstairs, wouldn't be a bad idea, either. I could probably make room for it simply by moving the kitchen table back into the kitchen; it's been sitting in the dining room since a particularly large group dinner required more seats, and it's accumulated quite a few things since then, including the old TiVo and a small monitor. I need to watch what remains on that TiVo so I can give it away. (Yes, it already has a home.)
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