Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Did I even ever meet Garrick?

The news Saturday night that he died Friday in Afghanistan left me trying to figure that out. I've vaguely known his parents through Trek fandom for years, but I wouldn't swear that I'd ever met them, either. Most likely time I'd have met any of them was the Region 6 Summit I made it to on my way to a WWDC, but that's... eight years ago?! Yikes.

His flag-draped coffin just came off the plane at Dover AFB a few minutes ago, and apparently his four sisters had flown to Dover to meet him.

Garrick was a sergeant in the Army Reserves based in Appleton, and after two earlier tours in Iraq after he joined up fresh out of high school in 2005, he got to Afghanistan early last month. He leaves behind a daughter who's about to turn two. She'll have some children's books he recorded in his voice this summer to remember him by.

There's not a lot you can say in a situation like this, but I sent Linda, his mom, a note yesterday.

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