Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Glad I tried the pants on... (211.0)

I wasn't going to bother trying on the altered suit I was picking up at Benjamin Peters this afternoon, since I hate trying on clothes in stores as it is, and I was feeling a little sweaty. But the guy suggested I try them on to make sure the alterations were done right, and I went ahead.

Instead of letting the waist out about an inch, they seem to have taken them in about an inch. Awesome.

The guy insisted there had been no alterations to the waist, since none were written down on the ticket the tailor would've seen -- just in the book -- but seriously, those pants closed last Thursday when I bought the suit! And I haven't gained weight since then! What's more, the lady who fitted me last week put tailor's chalk markings on the waist, and they're gone now, so ticket or no, you'd think the tailor would have done something to the waist instead of just wiping off the chalk. Did she mark them wrong? Did the tailor read the markings wrong? It probably doesn't really matter.

Since they were originally to let the waist out about an inch, and now the guy marked it to be let out two and a half inches, I'm pretty satisfied the waist was altered, despite the guy's insistence. They should have them re-done on Friday.

I've been putting off buying a new suit, since I want to lose more weight first, but that's been so slow that I decided to take advantage of the great summer clearance sale they had going on when I went down to do a tux fitting for Dave and Alexi's wedding. It's a designer suit for about a third of the regular price, if I remember right, and once it's altered again, the suit fits fine and should continue to, even if I lose several more pounds.

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