Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Elevator follies (209.0)

The guy who pushed the "up" elevator call button a moment after I did must've been in quite a hurry. He pushed his way into the next elevator that opened past the kid coming out, and walked out onto his floor barely clearing the doors as they opened.

"Open the elevator doors, HAL."When we were having elevator issues several months ago, between quirky behavior and one or another of the elevators being down for maintenance, I talked about getting in the habit of walking up the stairs to the seventh floor, not just down, but while I've done it several times, it's just not practical on a constant basis -- especially when I've got heavy coat and heavy laptop bag weighing me down. I still walk down, especially when I'm going to lunch, but between the climb itself and the annoyance of all the locked stairwell doors, I'm not trying very hard to walk up any more.

There are still entirely too many people taking the elevator up or down one flight, but I sympathize with those who've discovered the doors aren't reliably unlocked if they try the stairs. (The able-bodied ones who've just never thought to take the stairs up or down a single flight? No sympathy for them!)

[P.S. This is the fifth straight day that my weight is 210 or under -- and I'd be able to say "under 210" if yesterday hadn't been 210.0. Gonna try to stay there.]

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