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44 degrees right now? I was thinking yesterday that we've had snow earlier in the season than this, but it still feels early for it to be this cool.

Somehow I doubt I'll need to cool the house again this year, and with the heat having kicked in for a few mornings, I decided it was time I closed the storm windows over the screens in the bedroom. I think I already closed the storm windows in the guestroom a few weeks ago, but I suppose I should check later. (The air conditioner came out of the living room window a few weeks ago. I really only needed it for a few days this summer.)

At some point, I really also ought to put up proper curtains in addition to the blinds. I have a feeling they would pay for themselves pretty quickly in heat savings. It just seems like way too much work. What can I say? I'm lazy.

Even though yesterday was pretty grey, it wasn't too cold, which was nice both for the Sagan Planet Walk clean-up session, and for the football tailgating and game. Unfortunately, I saw the half of the game that Cornell didn't look so hot in, but that's life. Today was gorgeous and sunny, and I got out for a little bit, but spent most of the day inside. Did some catching up on the TiVo, and some tidying. I've accumulated several weeks worth of stuff lying around, and I need to get rid of it all so the Roomba can vacuum the living room!

43 degrees. I guess it was chillier the other night, but didn't feel like it! Thank goodness for tiger blankets.

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