Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Should've had the camera at the door (206.2)

Of course I wasn't home at 5pm to catch the early round of toddlers whose parents take them around before sundown, but I was still expecting more than one ring of the doorbell with exactly two trick-or-treaters last night. It was a cute pair of little kids, the girl dressed as a princess and the boy dressed as Green Lantern. I said "Oh, cool, I have a Green Lantern costume, too!" I don't think he believed me.

Mario & LuigiDespite some consternation over Pixel promoting a costume contest offering prizes for the "best costume" and "sleaziest costume" from a couple of folks who admit they're stodgy, it was a fun and successful night at the bar! It wasn't the busiest Halloween ever, but it was probably the busiest and most profitable Monday ever. Business has really picked up in general since mid-summer, thanks to the closing of two of the popular College Ave bars the students used to frequent. It does mean the place is a little less approachable for the older grad students and locals who are looking for a quiet place to drink, but the bar's new management has (reasonably) decided that the massive increase in profitability was worth pursuing, even at the expense of losing a few folks who'd otherwise have sat around for hours. (Before 11:30pm, it's generally calm enough for those folks to hang out, anyway.)

Oh, and the sleaziest costume? There were definitely some scantily clad girls (it was, after all, a college crowd on Halloween), but nothing over the top. One girl even came over and asked me after close if she'd had any nip slips. Tragically, no. :-) The winner of the sleaze prize, though, was a pair of guys in awesome Mario and Luigi outfits who were dancing up a storm all night! Best costume? Col. Gaddafi.

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