Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Simple Pleasures

With everything else going on, it was really nice to have the pure joy last night of watching Cornell men's ice hockey trounce Yale. We don't beat Yale a lot, and it had been four years since we'd beaten them at all. None of the current Cornell team members had ever beaten Yale, never mind beaten them on their home ice.

Goal!The New Haven road trip has long been one of my least favorite of the season, and tending not to win there has of course been a big part of that. Seeing not just a win, but a decisive win, this early in the season, over a nationally ranked team, and less than a week after last Saturday's disappointing home opener, was enormously satisfying.

It didn't hurt that the weather's great for driving this weekend, and I got to enjoy some awesome New Haven style pizza with Will and Kristie before the game, and a Cornell alum reception afterwards hosted by the Hartford and "Colonial Connecticut" alumni clubs. So far, a good weekend.

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