Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"I hear you're running for Town Supervisor. I was surprised."

That's what Tompkins County Democratic Party chair Irene Stein said to me when she saw me arrive with a fellow WVBR newscaster at the party's HQ for the evening, the Holiday Inn.

After the election results and speeches had settled down and Irene wasn't busy, I went up to chat with her. I explained that I wasn't trying to win, just send a message. If I'd wanted to win, I'd have started earlier than 3:00 yesterday afternoon -- and I'd have won.

The unofficial results from the Board of Elections don't show who the write-in votes went to, but they do show a total of 39 votes for Town Supervisor in the Town of Ithaca, to 1,244 for the useless incumbent, Herb Engman. That's a hair over 3% of the vote, and while that's tiny, it's half the percentage of votes the Republican candidate for Mayor of Ithaca -- who's been campaigning all fall -- got. (She had 230 votes out of 3,443 cast.) Interestingly, it's also more votes than the write-in candidate for 4th Ward Alderperson got, despite several days of campaigning backed by the Republican party.

Irene asked me what my issue with Herb was, and I gave her a brief summary, making it clear that the biggest issue for me was that he simply wasn't getting back to me despite multiple attempts, never mind actually resolving the problem I was seeking his help with. She says she'll speak to him about it, and I told her if he actually starts responding, I won't run against him again. :-) (Of course, now there's some risk I might be asked to run for something for real!)

Needless to say, I think I succeeded in getting my message across -- Herb Engman can't continue to sit on his ass and fail to do his job for the next four years.

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