Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ups and downs for Time Warner Cable...

In my head, cable TV and Internet together still costs about $100 a month, but in reality, the full price for the triple bill of TV, Internet, and digital phone, including some premium channels, is more than twice that. If you don't call every year and ask for a special bundle offer, your account reverts to full price.

I guess TWC has been cutting call-center staff, since I had to wait on a long queue -- three times -- during my call yesterday. Their system is also broken, since it makes me confirm the number I'm calling from is on the account I'm calling about, and makes me prove I'm me, then fails to hand any of this over to the reps.

But the second person I spoke to was able to give me a bundle deal for all three services. It's not as low as the $89.99/month offer that's on their web site now, but that's just for new customers. I should probably call again to ask for a retention specialist and see if I can convince them, but for now, the $125ish/month will do. I don't really use the digital phone for much, but ditching it wouldn't save me much, since they currently have a bundle for all three, but none for just TV and Internet. Meantime, I ditched all of the premium channels besides HBO and Showtime. Can't do without those.

Disappointed as I am that I can't have $89.99/month, I'm pleasantly surprised that the rep not only pro-rated the current billing month to the lower cost, but even seems to have adjusted my unpaid balance as if I'd had the new rate all along! Nice touch.
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