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Happy Boxing Day! (207.0)

Vague plans to leave the house today never materialized, but that's OK -- I was in enough places yesterday that it more than made up for it. That included a terrific brunch at a friend's, movies, Japanese food, and more movies.

Tomorrow, I'll need to make a run up to visit a couple of kitties who are on their own for the holidays, and might just find a burger while I'm at it. Tonight, some TV catch-up, and Falcons vs Saints.

I was more impressed than I expected to be both with "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" and "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol." Each was a good entry in its franchise and its genre, and they were both perfect Christmas movie fodder.

"Game of Shadows" impressed me not only with the fabulous microchoreography that characterized the first movie, but also the realization that this was essentially a James Bond adventure set in 1891, complete with evil maniac, fantastical weaponry, and plot to take over the world.

"MI:4" was a good sequel, which stood well enough on its own that Alan loved it without having seen any of the previous installments in the series. Some nice additions to the ensemble cast that I imagine are intended to carry the franchise further, especially if Tom Cruise steps out. No reason he should, as long as they can afford him; he doesn't look anywhere near his age, and is still quite the believable action hero and secret agent. There were also some cute cameos, and as long as you're willing to buy the high-tech gadgetry involved, the story holds up well.

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