Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

More Trek (204.2)

I went to sleep last night having watched a fraction of the special features on the "Generations" Blu-ray. Boy, you can fit a lot on those discs, especially when most of it is 15+ years old and was shot on video for DVD release, i.e. wasn't in HD. So, today I watched lots more of the documentary and interview stuff.

After dinner, I decided to watch "First Contact," which was actually the first purely TNG movie. Without meaning to, that made the weekend a James Cromwell double feature. (He was the President in "The Sum of All Fears.") He and Alfre Woodard, serious top-notch actors, really classed up this movie.

I don't think I knew that the Titan missile Zefram Cochrane turned into the warp-capable Phoenix was actually a real Titan missile, at an old missile silo in Arizona that had become a museum after it was decommissioned thanks to the START treaty.

I also got done some writing today, including a response to the person from the Downtown Ithaca Alliance who sent me a sort-of apology for having stolen one of my Chili Cook-Off photos from a few years ago to promote this February's event.

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