Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Two more days… (207.2)

This is the first public post on the subject, but at this point it's pretty much common knowledge that my job at Cornell ends this Friday. I've unearthed quite a few interesting items in cleaning out my office, which to a large extent -- even though it's my fifth office since I started working at Cornell almost twelve years ago -- is an accumulation of stuff over that whole time. There are even a handful of items that date back farther, including a Farallon EtherWave AAUI 10base-T daisy-chaining adapter. Back in the early days of Ethernet leaving behind coax, back before hublets were $20, this was slick.

There's also a PowerBook 1400C that boots up just fine -- running Mac OS 8.6. A Palm Tungsten C that I probably no longer have a dock or charging cable for. Zip disks. That's not counting the years of software. Yes, it's a veritable technology museum, and much of it is being tossed. (I'm gathering a few useful-looking cables, a mouse or two, etc. to send to a California school where I'm told it can be put to good use.)

Tomorrow I'm throwing myself a casual going-away gathering, and Friday my manager and assistant director are taking me out to lunch. Friday night, I think I'll just leave work, get a bite to eat, and go to the women's hockey game. Heading to Quinnipiac and Princeton for the men's away games this weekend didn't seem to make sense. "So, um, can I have my last day off?"

I've been waking up earlier than I need to, or want to, and mostly not falling asleep again. I should be able to sleep late over the weekend, and for that matter, next week.

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