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Got my new lease...

Any lingering thought that they were going to say "No thanks, we don't want anyone as picky as you renewing his lease," has evaporated. My new lease finally arrived in today's mail.

My fourth year living here will only be about 13% more expensive than my first year, which I guess when you think about it isn't too bad. Unfortunately, the value of the complex has gone way downhill in that time. The local supermarket that I used to be able to walk to and from closed almost two years ago, which of course is a property value the owners have no control over. What they do have control over is the crappy way they're managing the property. The groundskeeping is being done in a half-assed manner (when at all), there's bits of garbage everywhere, the parking area needs paving badly, and the laundry room in particular is filthy.

Of course, I'm staying. Inertia is one big reason, especially considering how much fun I had moving last time. (Thanks again, Doc!) But I also have friends right here, and living near friends is worth any extra expense or inconvenience. (Never mind that one of them recently moved here!)

Considering just the fact that it's a two-bedroom apartment that includes virtually everything (such as electricity and AC, on top of hot water and heat and parking and garbage removal, which are more common), it's still a good deal. I just feel silly being asked to pay more for a "luxury apartment" that hasn't felt all that luxe in a while.

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