Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Side effects (207.6)

Melting the CheeseOne of the benefits of being unemployed, if you want to call it that, is that I've had time to cook myself something for breakfast more often than not. That's included hot granola a few times, an omelet like this one a few times, and shakshuka today. I've done a little other cooking, too, including a large batch of tomato sauce last week, of which I used some today for the shakshuka.

Sometime soon, I'll make a batch of Commodore Chowder. I was going to do it tonight, after getting most of the ingredients at the store, but forgot the mixed vegetables!

I've also managed to put my retired iPhone, which I've been using solely as an iPod, in a non-usable state. Oops. Apparently iTunes insists on activating it with a SIM card in it, and I gave Cornell back the SIM card when they retired the phone. It had been working just fine since then, but I made the mistake of wiping it to start from scratch, and it doesn't like that. I can't even restore the last backup without first activating it. There are apparently some jailbreak tools that will help, and that I need to explore. Ah well.

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