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I don't think it's just me...

I realize my current state of employment (or lack thereof) is going to affect my level of patience, as well as my worldview in general, but that can't be the only reason I find myself running low on tolerance when it comes to dealing with those around me.

Two local healthcare businesses, in particular, Bartholomew Family Chiropractic, and Guthrie Medical, are failing to return calls. I'm trying to get copies of old X-rays, and get new X-rays taken, for a follow-up visit to Sea Change Chiropractic (which has been nothing but a delight to deal with), and I really am not feeling well responded-to by Guthrie and Bartholomew.

Guthrie didn't return my calls at first, and when I called again the next day and told the person who (eventually) answered that I hadn't gotten a call back, she tried to get someone at radiology for me. But, they were at lunch, so she was going back and forth talking to them and me, rather than them simply picking up the phone. I eventually got to someone, who was going to put digital copies of my previous X-rays on a disc for me to pick up. She called back just as I was heading out to pick it up, to say they couldn't find the images or the original films -- either in Ithaca or in Sayre, where they eventually send film for storage! They have nothing they can give me. I called again, after realizing I should just ask if they could do new X-rays. She said they couldn't without my doctor's order; a chiropractor's request wasn't enough. I asked, "Even to replace the ones you lost?" She decided she could ask George (my GP) to co-sign it, and was going to call me right back. That was yesterday afternoon. She hasn't called again.

And, Bartholomew Family Chiropractic is another local chiropractor that happens to have its own X-ray facilities, and has an arrangement with Sea Change to do imaging for them. But, they're not answering their phone during their stated office hours, and they're not returning messages I've left.

I would say "Screw it," and give up on the idea, but I don't want to give up on Sea Change -- especially since I've already paid them for my initial two visits, which go together.

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