Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Second visit to the chiropractor... (206.0)

Ironically, the friend who convinced me I should try the chiropractor she worked for is no longer working there, but I'm going back tomorrow for my second visit -- the one where the doctor will review what he learned from my initial visit and evaluation, and then do my first adjustment.

2012 I0040001The first visit included probing by hand, a heat sensor to find hot spots in my back or neck, and ultrasound. They don't have X-Ray gear of their own, but because the chiropractor wants to see what's going on inside before doing anything, he refers patients to get spinal X-Rays either at the hospital or provider of their choice, or at another chiropractor in town who does them at a special rate.

I asked if old X-Rays from previous visits to Guthrie would be helpful, and he said they'd be useful for comparison, but he'd prefer a current set. (Also, he needed both cervical and lumbar spinal shots, and I'd only had C-spine scans done.) Getting the old sets from Guthrie was quite an adventure, because they'd managed to lose them. Eventually, they were found in Sayre, and sent up to Ithaca. I picked up scans from Guthrie yesterday and got a fresh set at Bartholomew today. Here's one of today's.

I uploaded several to Flickr yesterday and today, and you may have seen them pop up on Facebook as a result. I was amused that Doris, who some of you may remember from Accord and WGW days gone by, chimed in to ask if they'd been able to fix the C3 issue! Can't wait to see what the chiropractor says.

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