Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Caught up... (206.0)

It took last night and much of today, off and on, but I'm caught up, once again, on all of your LiveJournal posts back to March 5th. So far, I've been successful in keeping up with my intent to always read all of it eventually. For better or worse, there's simply no way to do that on Facebook or Twitter. I'll see lots of what happens on either, but I'll never, ever see all of it.

Today was also spent helping with a friend's computer, which needed to have its data moved to an external hard drive, its internal hard drive wiped, and the data returned. A couple of hours at their house yesterday didn't do it, but since it's conveniently a Mac mini, it was easy for it to spend today at my house.

Nathan suggested I meet up with him when it was time to close the store, and hit this afternoon's tasting at The Tavern, the new pub in the back of the Ithaca Coffee Company. They've sold six-packs and growlers of beer for several years, and adding a bar and tables where they can offer pints is a nice development. James, who many of you know from his years at Pixel, seems very happy there. He's unsurprised to hear me say that he'd hate what Pixel is now. He already hated dealing with the drunk undergrads, and with last summer's massive influx, thanks to Dino's and Johnny O's closing, he'd have been miserable.

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