Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice to see James looking happy... (204.8)

Those of you who remember James from his years at Pixel probably knew that he was getting increasingly unhappy with the growth in the bar's younger, noisier, less-discriminating clientele. He loved those of us who came and enjoyed the craft beers he spent time and energy selecting, and those of us who loved the creative cocktails he kept playing with. The Bud Light and vodka-cranberry crowd that starts showing up around 11:30 most nights, not so much.

The Tavern on TriphammerYesterday afternoon, Nathan suggested I join him for the free Saranac beer tasting at Tavern on Triphammer, the new pub that's at the back of the Ithaca Coffee Company store in the northeast. I knew that when James left Pixel last year, he'd been talking to ICC about helping run the pub at their downtown store, and I'd been glad to hear a few weeks ago that he'd been instrumental in building this new one. This store has basically evolved from a small gourmet store with coffees and teas to a serious coffee roaster with a cafe up front, and the pub in back alongside their growing selection of craft beers.

Elizabeth commented tonight during dinner that I should get back into bartending, which I did long ago in college. That can either be slow and relaxing and not real lucrative, or hectic and zany and lucrative, but it occurs to me only now, as I write this, that working at a bar like this would be just about perfect. I suspect they pay their bartenders reasonably, rather than expecting them to make everything on tips, and I'm sure with their limited hours, they never get the late-night zoos that Collegetown and downtown bars fill up with a few nights a week.

In any case, James is clearly enjoying what he's doing, and it was good to chat briefly yesterday afternoon at Triphammer, and again this afternoon when I popped downtown for the Dogfish Head tasting. We're going to have lunch next week. I should probably suggest he bring Brian, his awesome pit bull. Wonder where we could eat with a pup...

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