Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I think I may have a ride to Green Bay... (205.4)

Not going into details so as not to jinx it before it's finalized, but I think I have a lift that will get me to Wisconsin for the NCAA midwest regional hockey round, in which Cornell is playing Michigan on Friday night.

Big Red Pep BandOh hey, there's the e-mail confirming! I've got a ride out and back with the Big Red Pep Band, many of whose members I know, some fairly well, and of whom I've taken many flattering photos. They like me. :-) I already had media credentials lined up last night, and a hotel room reserved this morning.

There was no way in hell I was going to spend north of $1,200 on plane tickets even if I weren't unemployed, and I don't have nearly the frequent flier miles I'd have needed to get a free trip. (My Continental United miles would get me there but not back, and US Airways, on which I have enough miles, doesn't even go there.)

Splitting the gas and tolls and hotel room with Will and Kristie, and getting media credentials, made this past weekend in Atlantic City quite affordable. Since Cornell lost the Friday night semifinal and was playing the early consolation game on Saturday, we also made the decision to cancel our room for Saturday night (the more expensive of the two nights by a wide margin) and drive home after the consolation game. That saved us lots of money. I did spend a fair amount on booze after we got to the Irish pub at midnight Friday, but hey, that made it St. Patrick's Day. :-)

I heard some Boston College student journalists actually put up a donation page begging for help going to cover their team's game in St. Paul, but going that route seemed even more classless for an adult, employed or not.

The bus leaves at 7pm Thursday, which I imagine makes for a few hours of movie-watching and chatting, followed by fitful sleep, and arriving around lunchtime.

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