Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'm employed! (206.8)

It's a part-time job, but will go a long way to help me extend what's left of my savings and the severance package Cornell gave me when I was laid off. And, as I said on Facebook, I owe it all to Big Red Hockey -- the greatest community of athletes, family, and fans in the world.

This past weekend in Green Bay, among the folks I was hanging out with were Lynette and Dave, who own and run the William Henry Miller Inn, a gorgeous and well-respected bed & breakfast right in downtown Ithaca. I've never known them well, but I've always enjoyed chatting with them on hockey weekends and at related events, and I've long known they're a favorite of hockey players' parents when they visit town.

They learned about my joblessness while we were all sitting around chatting in the Ramada lobby on Saturday, and Lynette sent me an e-mail on Tuesday. Their assistant innkeeper of 13 years left in January, so she could focus on raising two young kids, and they've been at their busiest ever. They thought I might be interested in working there several hours a day, several days a week, mostly afternoons, checking guests in, recommending nearby eateries (a real stretch for me), and seeing to other guest needs.

I met with them this afternoon, got the grand tour, and accepted their kind offer. Lynnette called the pay "laughable" the other day, but it's actually not bad at all -- well over the minimum wage that I anticipated from what she said. One of the perks is a bit of a danger; I'll get to sample the desserts that are put out every night. :-) When it's slow, Dave said I should feel free to read a book or work on whatever on my laptop, and they understand completely that I'm still looking for a "real" full-time gig. I start on Monday.

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