Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nope, not my camera

Back in November, I was on my way to Virginia for Thanksgiving at my cousins' place when Hallie called to say my camera, which she'd been borrowing for a few months, had been stolen from her. It's a long story, but she found herself in a bad situation and was robbed of that and a few other things. She reported it all to the Ithaca Police Department, and no one expected much. We kept an eye on Craigslist here and there.

Yesterday, she called to say that the police had called her to say they'd recovered a camera they thought might be mine, and we made arrangements to meet the detective this afternoon.

He asked me to describe it, and when I said "Nikon D40," he looked disappointed. They'd found a different Nikon DSLR model. He then brought it out to show me, and it was pretty banged up, with both camera and lens in bad shape.

They found about 40 cameras, not to mention lots of GPSes and cell phones, when they busted a local guy who's apparently known as a tech fence. If you've had stuff like this stolen recently but didn't get around to reporting it, give it a shot.

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