Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I should do more of this "blogging"

I've been pretty lax about writing for the Tech Trebuchet, the travel tech blog I started about a year and a half ago on But that hasn't stopped them from inviting me to take part in their blogger and podcaster meetup next weekend in San Jose. They're taking care of the hotel and meals, and all I had to do was get there.

Well, remember that $400 voucher from Delta for giving up my seat last April? It was about to expire if I didn't use it, and luckily I realized that before clicking "purchase" on the US Airways Dividend Miles tickets I was going to grab... that would've cost $110 cash in addition to 42,000 miles. Delta's $441 fare suddenly looked pretty good, and this way I'm spending less cash, get to keep my US Airways miles, and earn Delta miles.

When I told my new boss at the Inn that I'd been invited out to this, she told me I'd be nuts not to go, and not to worry about being at work. They're totally flexible and consider whatever hours they have me to be bonus time they can focus on less-day-to-day stuff, or relax, and don't mind if I'm not there every day. Of course, I want to also maximize my time there so I'm making money, but I agree with her that I'd be nuts not to go.

So, I'm going to be in San Francisco on Friday, arriving at 11:10am, need to get back to SFO on Saturday morning to catch a ride with them down to the hotel in San Jose, and will either be in San Jose or San Francisco on Sunday and Monday morning.

I'd love a place to stay on Friday night or Sunday night if you can offer one, and regardless, would love to see folks in the area for a drink or a taco. I can have a hotel room in San Jose for Friday night if I need one, but I can't help but think it would be more fun to hang with friends in SF and crash on someone's couch.

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